Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Eager Eyes Liner Makes Eyes Twinkle

Last year, TikTok became my own virtual shopping center, where every user convinces me that I definitely need to buy something in 60 seconds or less. The last one? The understudy of Charlotte Tilbury’s Digger-Eyes duo.

Unlike other things that I impulsively bought and then rejected —it turns out that I look silly in trucker caps and have nowhere to wear glitter lipstick —Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Digger Eyeliner has become a staple of my daily makeup Routine. The premise is simple: one end has a classic matte black pencil to define; the other, a shimmering champagne shade to illuminate and widen your eyes. I probably have about 300 black and 100 unclad liners in my collection, but a video from the user Gisele Ayora convinced me to add another one.


In the video above, she calls the eyeliner a highlighter for her eyes and slips the champagne shade over her waterline. The difference in the middle the marked eye and the unmarked eye is quite large and the end result is subtle, but his eyes shine like those of an animated deer.

I’ve always admired big eyes – Twiggy, Zooey Deschanel, Sailor Moon — but since I was born with smaller eyes, I’ve been trying to make them stand out since I started wearing makeup. The whole “white or unclad eyeliner in the waterline” trick looks great in the photos, but it still looks chalky and silly, which is why I liked Charlotte Tilbury’s shimmery shade (that and the promise of Disney Princess Eyes).

Although my eyes are not as awake as Ayora’s in her video (from chalk to genetics to eyelash extensions), a touch of liner has made my eyes brighter and incredibly shiny, and not like watching TV before 1 am or actioning a summer cold. It’s also super subtle – it adds just enough Pop to make it clear that you’ve done something, but it doesn’t compete with the rest of your makeup or look too “finished”.”Most importantly, the formula is so creamy and supple and doesn’t clump or gather in my lower lashes like other liners.

I also use the black side every day, which is perfect for the subtle wing I’ve been doing since the world reopened. As creamy as its metallic counterpart, it is easy to handle and easy to lubricate before being fixed for all-day wear. I also used the shimmer side to add just a touch of dewy sparkle to my eyelids, it’s my whole Look in a pencil.

My eyes may not be as big and bright as Cinderella’s, but they are damn close. After the year we’ve had, I’ll take what I can get.

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