Kitten Eyeliner Is the Coolest New Take on the Cat Eye

A cat’s eye will always look classic and flattering – hence its lasting appeal. That being said, eyeliner looks come in and out of fashion just like everything else, and kitten eyeliner is the recent way to paint.

Earlier this year it was smudgy, Smokey Liner — a throwback to teenage panic and a perfect way to put our recent anger on our faces. But now that things are starting to calm down, Crisp Winged Liner is back with a twist.

What makeup artists call the Cat’s Eye – a more subtle and delicate version of the classic Cat’s Eye – is the coolest way to wear liners right now. “Smaller lines are slowly becoming a trend because they are easier to reach,” says celebrity makeup artist tarryn Feldman. “I also get the impression that people want a cleaner eyeliner, and because the kitten’s eye needs less liner, it can be cleaner and easier to do.”

The kitten’s eye has become a staple of what I call TikTok Face, which is minimal makeup and glowing skin, with an emphasis on elevating the face. The basic products include brushed soap brewers, a lot of “stacked” cream blush and a few dummy freckles on the nose. The Cat’s Eye fits perfectly into this aesthetic because it has a more natural atmosphere than a more dramatic cat’s eye, but lifts and lengthens the eyes to achieve a “broken” look.

While some eye shapes can be overwhelmed by a larger wing, part of the appeal of the kitten’s eye is that it is usually flattering. “The kitten eyeliner looks great on everyone; it’s just kind of a Pop,” Feldman says. “Overall, each eye shape can create many different types of liners, so never be discouraged that you can’t rock a Cool liner or try something new.”

The technique is quite simple, especially if you already have a classic cat’s eye. The main difference is to start the liner in the center of your eye rather than following it from the inner corner of your eye. Then, draw along the line of your eyelashes with short and thin strokes, giving it a small stroke at the end for a subtle wing.

Feldman says using black eyeshadow and a flat brush is a pretty surefire way to get it right if you’re unsure about a liquid Liner (if you are, she likes Naked Poppy). Or for a dirtier setting, Feldman says to use a pencil on your lash line and blend it with a brush to wipe from top to bottom. Whichever method you use, if it gets too dramatic, just squeeze your wing with micellar water and a few Q-Tips.

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