Soft Sculpting Is the Natural Take on Contouring

It seems that we are all striving for a more natural beauty look now that we are so familiar with our naked faces. Skinimalism has become one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021. The Blow? Take more care of our skin with well-thought-out skin care, then pull up our makeup so that all this work can show through.

In the future, we want to look naked, but superior. We have already seen a movement towards a tinted moisturizer. Even Huda Kattan, a self-confessed cake face, is on board. The recent line of her beauty empire, GloWish, combines the cosmetic side of Huda Beauty with the skin care Expertise of Wishful. His initial product? The multi-dewy complexion that “doesn’t even look like it’s wearing makeup, it just looks like beautiful skin,” Kattan told us.

When we soften our foundation, it follows that we want to do the same with the rest of our makeup, so hard that the coarse contour has received a similar makeover. It’s not that we don’t want more improved cheekbones (in fact, according to Bobbi Brown, the search for “facial contour” has increased by 141%); it’s just that we don’t want it to seem that we have described our cheekbones, nose and jaws with obvious makeup.

To fill the place of traditional contouring, soft sculpture is taking its course. It is a more subtle and diffuse version of the trend that aims to blend imperceptibly into the skin to give you a fresh look while maintaining a certain definition.

“When you apply a cream bronzer to your brush, the product blends perfectly into your skin. It’s a more subtle approach to sculpting for everyday makeup looks,” says Aimee Morrison, Bobbi Brown’s professional artist.

For a radiant and tanned look, use a creamy bronzer or a contour if it is in Stick format, and “instead of drawing lines on your face where you want to sculpt,” says Morrison. “This makes merging faster and easier. Start at the top of the cheekbones, blend upwards to the hairline, at the temples and jaw.”The secret to making it transparent is to mix, then mix a little more.

For tools, Morrison recommends using a deeper, fresher Bobbi Brown foundation stick for the skin with the precise polishing brush. “It is ideal for dry to very dry skin, as the foundation contains shea spread and melts gently on the skin,” she explains.

We also recommend Patrick Ta’s Major Sculpt cream contour & Powder Duo Bronzer, which can be lightly sprinkled on the cheeks for a truly natural finish or enhanced to look chiseled.

The Matte Match Stix Skinsticks from Fenty offer a beautiful depth of color and can be applied with a brush to blend perfectly or striped with the stick for more definition.

And the Sleek Makeup Contour cream kit is a palette of six shades that allows you to custom mix the perfect color for you.

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