The Blushes for Every Skin Tone and Preference Out There

The best blush can help you a lot to feel ready for the day — this is a proven fact. (Who among us didn’t have a mother who ordered you to “put a little color on your cheeks” in high school? Yet Blush had a reputation for Action: he could feel stuffy or tired, reserved exclusively for dance parties and old ladies. But if you find a formula that works for you, it can make all the difference in your Makeup Routine.

Whether you are looking for the best cream blush to buy money or buy a powder formula, the best blush can work wonders. initial of all, it can make you look awake in a matter of seconds, adding Dimension, dew and sunny heatth. And depending on the shade, finish and placement, dusting off blush can make you look as cute as an angel or give you a bone structure worthy of J. Lo (or at least the look).

Fortunately, today’s teenagers are not as red as we are, and the product is finally having a Moment on TikTok. Before the cool weather – high season for blush, fyi – read below the best blush ever.

Universally flattering: NARS peak Blush

peak made headlines when it was launched thanks to its scandalous name, and is also a bestseller more than 20 years after, because it can flatter almost everyone (trust us). The peach shade is shiny but natural and looks more like its namesake than a makeup stain-except for the golden shine, which gives just the right total of shine.

Best Blush Powder: Chanel Jouse High Contrast Blush Powder

Although it may seem steep for a blush, these pretty powders offer quality – as expected by Chanel. (We learn that Margot Robbie is a Fan.) There is no dusty texture here, just a silky formula that glides directly onto the skin. They come in a range of colors and finishes, from shimmering unclad pink to shiny matte Fuchsia to luxurious terracotta reds, and can easily be built from a subtle color to total splendor.

Best Cream Blush: Shiny Cloud Color

Yes, it’s really as good as everyone says. Not only do the shades look great on bare skin and foundation, but they are not baked on or smudged. You really only need a small pad for both cheeks and it will stay in place all day. We are partly on the baby pink Shadow Puff for what we like to call ~Cherub Cheeks~ and the unclad-y Twilight Brown for easy contouring.

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