The Extreme Way to Shape Your Eyebrows According to Experts

So you’re ready to get your eyebrows in the best shape of your life, but you don’t know how. With picking, threading and waxing available, what is the best way to take? We spoke to three eyebrow experts to give us a breakdown of each service – here’s what we learned.

What you need to know about eyebrow plucking

Because hair removal is the only method to remove one hair at a time, Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York, sticks only to this method of eyebrow correction. “When it comes to eyebrows, everyone wants fuller and more symmetrical eyebrows – and every hair makes a great difference in shape,” says Vucetaj. “With sterilized tweezers, you can achieve this by carefully removing each hair on both sides for more precision.”When picking, there is no peril of accidentally removing too much hair and having barely or sagging and uneven eyebrows,” she adds.

And because the skin around your eyes and eyebrows is the thinnest and most sensitive, constantly pulling and pulling can lead to sagging skin after in life. It is therefore important to protect the sensitive area. Hair removal does not pull or tear the layers of the skin and instead pulls the hairs at the root to avoid skin irritation, explains Vucetaj.

What you need to know about eyebrow threading

Threading is one of the oldest forms of hair removal and is currently a popular choice for shaping eyebrows or removing unwanted facial hair. Aida Radfar, owner of Thread Bar in Los Angeles, specializes in this ancient technique. “It’s a quick process. We twist and wind the cotton thread on the surface of the skin; the hair then intertwines with the thread and is removed from the follicle,” she explains. “This way you can pull a hair or a row at a time and have a constant view of the area and its face during the process [to ensure symmetry].”

The average cost of threading is also somewhat inexpensiveer than other methods of hair removal. And that’s not all… “It’s also very hygienic because a new thread is used for each customer,” says Radfar. “It stimulates blood circulation, collagen production (like a Massage) and exfoliates skin cells. Therefore, when people get dressed, they notice that their eyebrows seem higher. It’s also safe to continue using topical creams like retinols when you put them on, which you can’t do as they grow,” says Radfar.

What you need to know about eyebrow growth

Since during waxing, a whole part of the hair is removed with a strip, this is one of the fastest and most painless methods (photo tear off a patch, ouch and that’s it!). This is the method preferred by Allison O’Connor, a beautician from Los Angeles. “A good eyebrow wax is my favorite way to shape eyebrows, because the wax also removes peach feet and dead skin in the eyebrow area, giving them a clean and well-groomed look. Stray hairs are also removed from the root, so this is the longest, ” she says.

O’Connor warns her clients to stop using prescription skin care at least 30 days before their appointment. “Each person’s sensitivity is different, but it’s superior to play it safe,” she says. “It’s also a good idea to have a mirror and an eyebrow pencil or powder on hand when you lie down for your eyebrow appointment. This way you can talk to your beautician about the shape you want and show you exactly which hairs you want to remove,” she says. This little makeup trick will endlessly save your eyebrows and prepare you for a happy and healthy life every time.

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