The Return of Supermodel Statement Lip and Tips to Get Look

The pout of the 90s model-with extremely defined lip lines, unclad tones and an overall plump appearance- is back. To achieve a 1993 runway-worthy lip look, you need to layer products like concealer and face powder with your traditional lip products. Because I’m totally excited about the 90s, I decided to try the Look myself after discovering this Instagram tutorial from @anitakartistry. Read on to find out how I reproduced the Look.

How to get a 90s model

Step 1:

To do this, you will need a concealer, a translucent powder, a lip pencil and a lip gloss. You want your liner to have a brown shade that is dark enough to cover the natural contour of your lips. Your shine of choice should be a transparent unclad.

Step 2:

initial of all, I used the Lancôme Teint Idol Ultra Wear all Over concealer as a liquid lipstick to completely fill my lips. The Embroidery Applicator makes the task easier. Then I used a powder brush and lightly dusted my lips with a translucent shine with NYX Professional Makeup can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying powder.

Step 3:

Then, in 1993, I took the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On lip pencil and slightly lined my lips for a wider look. You can create the desired shape of your lips by drawing vertical and diagonal lines in the center of your lips for a contoured effect.

Step 4:

Finally, I applied the NYX This is Milky Gloss in Cookies & Milk professional makeup and slapped my lips to mix all the layers. I love the fact that the result can be combined with glamorous makeup, but it can also add a little more spice to natural makeup. The versatility will make it a regular technique in my Rotation.

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