The Top Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas to Try Now

Cornrows are one of the most versatile and easy-to-wear hairstyles on the market. They are easy to maintain, protect your hair and can be worn on any occasion. With so many fun ways to style cornrow braids, you can let your personality shine through with your favorite hairstyle.

To share with us the recent news about the trend, we spoke to the famous hairdresser Kim Kimble, who suggested the best ways to make your personality shine. Next, we break down all the Cornrows stuff: what they are, how to wear them and what styles you just want to try on.

What are Cornrows?

Cornrows are a well-known braiding style. They appeared on the African continent centuries ago and have remained popular ever since. As a symbol of resistance, they also served as cards to escape from the slaves, and some also hid rice or small seeds in the braids. More than just a fashion statement, these braids have a long history and combine African heritage with modern style.

Who are the Cornrows for?

“A variety of people can wear Cornrows, especially those who want to show off their gorgeous hairline,” says Kimble. “For frizzy and curly hair, it is easier to make Cornrows.”

As it is a braiding technique on the scalp, the use of an ointment helps to control the hair and make the braids last longer. Kimble recommends Kim Kimble Edge Tame Pomade to sculpt and rehydrate your hair for ultimate taming and grooming.

How to install Cornrows

Before you start braiding, it is important to create a solid foundation for your hair. Hydrated hair facilitates braiding and reduces frizz. Try to moisturize your hair with Garnier Fructis Curl air dry cream before starting.

Once your hair is prepped with a leave-in conditioner, it’s time to get creative. Separate your hair from the braids for each section; depending on how many braids you want and how thick or thin they are, determine how you will separate each section.

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