This Easy Foundation Hack Is the Secret to Glowing Skin

If only makeup without makeup was as simple as it sounds. But if you don’t have an exemplary diet, 28-step skin care or seriously sufficient genes, it’s quite difficult to make the skin deliciously fresh, moist and, most importantly, “natural” without betraying the game.

However, one woman who is leading the way is TikTok user @milly__chan. Her “very long foundation routine” (DW, it’s not that long) is the secret to a skin that, as Chan herself says, looks “smooth as a baby”.”It is also extremely bright.

To repeat, Chan prepares her skin with E. L.F’s Mint Melt Primer. She then asks subscribers to mix her foundation on a Makeup Palette—she uses L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear foundation mixed with NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation-then injects it with a binding spray to dilute it (we like Morph’s continuous setting mist).

Spray your face with the mist setting, then bounce a makeup sponge like a beauty blender and use it to spread your foundation in a thin layer.

Use the palette trick again with your concealer. Spread it out – try L’Oreal’s foolproof full-coverage concealer-and dilute it like a foundation with a sticky mist. Then use a sponge to apply it, “skipping a lot,” says Chan.

To mix everything, jump all over your face with a clean sponge to push the product into the skin more imperceptibly. This is a trick that is also appreciated by leading makeup artists.

Chan recommends powdering your skin only in certain places, for example on the forehead and chin and under your eyes, then using the other powders that you would normally use, such as blush and highlighter, to set your foundation elsewhere. “This way you will reduce the total of powder on your face, which will make it less comfortable,” she says.

She takes the tanning spread from Physician’s Formula and applies it to the forehead, jaw, cheekbones and both sides of the nose to easily contour them, then uses Milani’s baked blush on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. For a gorgeous glow, she uses Wet n Wild’s Megaglo Highlighter Powder and a fan brush to tactically apply it to the highlights of her face, such as the cheeks and nose.

To finish? Spray your face with – you guessed it-more Setting Spray, then dry it with a fan (nice electric fan optional). Repeat the Spray and fan several more times to adjust and update, and the end result will look like an IRL beauty filter. Magic.

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