Way to Pick the False Eyelashes for Your Eye Makeup

False eyelashes are the icing on the cake of any Makeup look, whether you want to rock a bold graphic liner or simply enhance your daily routine. But with so many styles available, from dramatic 20-millimeter flares to individual strands, it can be difficult to determine which false eyelashes look the most flattering with your eye makeup. To narrow down your choices, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman below.

How to choose the right false eyelashes?

The fun part of choosing false eyelashes are the optical illusions that they are suitable for. “Think about the shape of the eye that you want to create,” says Hurkman. “If you want more of a Deer Eye look, you want eyelashes with more length in the middle than a Cat Eye shape where the length is at the end of the eye. If you want to accentuate the length of your eye, a cat eye whip is the best for you.”For an individual effect, she recommends using individual eyelashes.

The best false eyelashes for a cat’s eye

To lengthen your eyes and accentuate your winged liner, Hurkman suggests using the longest whip in the outer corners. We like the Venus Glamnetic Lash, a magnetic eyelash with an outward-facing torch.

The best false eyelashes to combine with a graphic liner

With a natural eyelash like the Eylure Naturals no.031, your graphic eyeliner takes center stage. This pair is wispy and the longest in the middle, giving your eyes a wide-open doll look.

The best false eyelashes for natural makeup

“I like to use individual eyelashes for a natural eye look,” says Hurkman. “They are the most comfortable to wear throughout the day without having to worry about touch-ups, as you can do with an eyelash lift in the outer corners.”NYX Professional Makeup Wicked Lashes Singles is our choice to create a custom floating whip.

The best false eyelashes for a smoky eye

“I like delicate eyelashes – that way you can always see the beautiful smoky eye behind the eyelashes,” says Hurkman. “Nothing too dense and thick.”Try the Peck lash Couture chiffon unclad drama, a style that will highlight your dark eyeshadow.

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